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Today we took in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I never really get the time to spend the boys individually so I made a commitment to myself earlier that I would create some one-on-one time with each son in the course of visiting the museums. I hung with Sam today while Cole and Cosmo explored the museum independently. Jill left the boy museum to the boys, walked across the mall to the National Art Gallery and spent the day taking in our nation's premier art collection. Sam and I had a great time. I let him lead and went where ever he took us. We checked out modern jets and rockets, WWII aircraft and even learned about the complexities of landing planes on the deck of an aircraft carrier. I showed him the Vin Fizz which was the first plane to travel coast-to-coast. And I told him the story of the contest and the money its pilot won. I also told him about the epic voyage that this very earlier aircraft went on. It is an impressive tale of tenacity and bravery. The thing was destroyed and had to be rebuilt almost every time it landed. By the late afternoon we were ready for a change so we joined Jill at the National Art Gallery. What an impressive collection, what an impressive building. We closed the place then headed back to the condo for a fabulous steak salad (made it myself). After dinner we hit the monuments (the heat is better in the evening).

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