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The Sparkplug, I can see the resemblance....

Albany from the sparkplug

Site @ Ravensthorpe

Rusting remnant from the goldrush.

Well, well, well, here we are in Ravensthorpe. Seems a small progressive town, has everything for the traveller. It’s a rustic yet comfortable if expensive Van Park. We were going to stay 2 nights but will move on tomorrow as we can’t get into Esperance early without stuffing around so we’ll stop overnight closer to Esperance.

Yesterday I did get my haircut eventually and found the “Sparkplug” on Mount Melville where the view is over Albany. Gracie found a dog park and played with an Afghan hound for a while.

The weather has turned positively Antarctic sunny bits here and there but very cold with cold rain, snow was forecast for around Pemberton and the temp is supposed to rise to 30 by Monday.

We decided to stay hitched up for the evening as the weather is not conducive to go exploring. I did find a rusting remnant of the Ravensthorpe Gold Rush and the Camp Office has an interesting collection of toilet bowls out front…

Afternoon tea was cut short due to the freezing weather, not that there were scones or anything….

At least there is good TV reception here except for channel 10 and I can get on the net. I have to connect Karen up to the PC so she can be updated on the free camps for our return across the Nullarbor.

But now it’s time for a nap before dinner……

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