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just loved the police dogs in Quito

Cotapaxi from Quito

we drove along this coastline

Andes above the clouds






OK we're all allowed one major glitch in this length of time and mine was missing my flight from Quito to Antigua. I was up at the required 5am had breakfast and was on time to the airport. Had no trouble checking in and then went into the lounge to wait. Checked out all the shops and sat down and wrote some diary. The mistake I made well two really was to not check the flight time - it had been put forward an hour and not to sit in the specific lounge allocated to my flight. Soooo when I got there my plane was taxiing up the runway!!!

American Airlines told me to come back the following morning at 3am! and they would put me on a flight then.

I believed them silly me.

Spent the day first finding a place to sleep the Aeruopuerto Hotel wasn't too bad and I could walk to it . Spent the day looking at an photographic exhibition of Quito through the years and in a large very new shopping mall with lots of designer shops - nothing that I could afford that fitted just as well the bag is full enough.

Was at the airport as the designated 3am first in line to enter the check-in area and first in line for the American Airline desk..they got there about 3.45 and spent the next 1.5 hours with the check in girl trying to organise my flight. Apparently if I had rung the day before - Qantas I may have been able to change my flight but now it was too late - as I said I trusted their advice stupid!

Ended up flying with another company for about half what AA wanted its a local South American group Avienca and TACA and I would recommend them as a good alternative if you ever make it over here.

So I boarded at 7am and flew via Lima - yes I went south to go north and then to San Jose - I'll be back there in about three weeks and finally Guatemala arrived around 4.30pm.

Got a shuttle bus to Antigua and here I am holed up in a great little hotel near the main square - I will be joining another tour tomorrow so this is chill out time.

Antigua is in the mountains - previously the capital and a world heritage city with just 35,000 residents and probably that many tourists cobbled streets and 22 churches - i will not be visiting all of them. The markets have much the same stuff as I have seen allover South America but probably a bit more colourful. The main square last night had a band playing 60's music and today they are playing Latin American music so nice just to chill out with a coffee or tea - they actually make drinkable tea here and one place specialises in different tea varieties so I'm happy.

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