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Unfortunatley I have been on the sick today after a bad burger and have spent most of the day in bed. That's what happens when you try to get Western food in China. We will stick to the local cuisine in the future. Luckily, although Anna ordered the same, her burger never turned up so she survived a day of stomach ache and overall ill feeling.

We had planned on a day of biking around the town and local sights but after an hour I couldn't go on any longer and bed seemed liked the only alternative. Anna got time on her own to explore and to find new reading material.

Skip seven hours to when I woke up from a much needed rest and dinner loomed. I couldn't face food but Anna did my eating for me. Instead I went on a quick look for CD's and picked up a couple of cheap ones which cost about a pound each. Nice. We spent the rest of the night with some new found traveller buddies James and Sarah chatting, playing cards and Scrabble (cheers mum, it's come in well handy).

Hopefully I am fully recovered tomorrow as the four of us plan on trekking up the mountains behind Dali.

Day 57 complete

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