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Katrina tree art in Biloxi

View of Gulf in front of the Elks Lodge

Moss hanging in the trees behind our trailer

Biloxi beach front & casino

One last look at the Mississippi's Gulf shore

Love the loblolly pine in this area


Pascagoula River

The area around the Pascagoula River - water everywhere!

Another new state

The landscape changed quickly - no loblolly pines here

So green down here!

A little rain shower

Mobile, AL

Thought we'd cross Mobile Bay on a bridge - wrong!

USS Alabama - Battleship

View of Mobile Bay

Fishing boats in the bay




Our home for the next week

Under threat of rain again, we hit the road before 9:00. It was mostly to partly cloudy but we hit only 1 short rain shower. We had a very short day - 98 miles & just a couple of hours.

We had plenty of time to get set up & have taken Callie on a couple of long walks around the park. People have told us what a nice park this is - & it is. But like most rv parks in the south, the winter residents are leaving for northern homes or summer travel so there aren't a lot of people here now.

We're looking forward to exploring this area in the next week, so - more later...

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