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Last views of the Keys








7 Mile Bridge


One of the last views of the Gulf

Headed out into the Atlantic

Bridge leaving the Keys

Didn't actually see the track - guess this was just advertising

Driving thru the outskirts of Miami


We'll be getting a bill in the mail!

Mango tree in a neighborhood we drove thru

Beautiful site backed up to Lake Osborne

View from our back window

Muscovy duck & ducklings


We rolled out about 8:00 am. We were ready to move on but it was still a little sad to be leaving the Keys. It sprinkled a little just as we were leaving but then held off until we'd arrived & set up to really rain. (Thank you, Jesus!

Today is the first time we've (especially Judi) been frustrated with our GPS. We thought it was going to take us on the Florida Turnpike but it kept us on 1 almost into Miami when we decided to get on the turnpike to avoid Miami. Of course the GPS wanted us to get off on every exit for a few miles before giving in to what we were doing. Unfortunately, the GPS then took us off the turnpike about 25 miles sooner than needed. After taking us thru neighborhoods to a major street between the turnpike & I-95 (freeway), we put up with the stoplights for a few miles & then got on I-95. GPS kept trying to get us off the freeway & we finally did get off about 5 miles before Lake Worth. Again, we could have stayed on the freeway another 5 miles before getting off. We think we need to change the GPS from "shortest" route to "fastest" route.

We're spending the nite at a county park - John Prince Park - in Lake Worth (near Palm Beach). It's a lovely park & the campground has full hookups at a very reasonable rate for this area. We got a site that backs up to Lake Osborne.

We needed to fuel the truck so we set the trailer & then drove to a nearby Walmart to fuel. Decided to grab some Mexican food while we were out & thunderstorms rolled in while we were out (poor Callie - all by herself in a thunderstorm!). Looks like the storms are going to continue to roll thru off & on all evening. The local weather people are saying Florida went from the dry season to wet season overnite & are forecasting rain every day this week. Well, we're thankful for the beautiful weather we've enjoyed on our trip so far.

Tomorrow we'll move on up to St. Augustine. More later...

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