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A long, long train

A lot of traffic in the middle of nowhere

An old abandoned town

Welcome to Arizona

Here come the pecan farms

I love the rock formations.

Looks like we're driving under a gray roof and there's the edge...

We're here!

Let me in, I say!!

Scarred saguero


He's got a lot of hair sticking up there.

Whoops. Not so, I guess.

Potato fields

Is there gold in there?

Cattle feed lots


A crop dusting plane

A cache was near here

The Dodge at the antenna

Well pump


A cache was here, too

Bales and bales of cotton. The piles behind them are the chaff...

Bob's "golfing" at the sports complex

Nice bike!


Oh my, what IS that bright thing in the sky? The sun? You say it’s the sun? My goodness, we’ve not seen it for so long, I’d forgotten what it looked like! But it surely is nice and today was a lovely day to drive from Deming, New Mexico to Maricopa, Arizona. And here come the mountains. Oh, they are so beautiful. I think that’s my favorite part of the west...the mountains...and I’ve not even seen the Rockies yet!

We picked up our forwarded mail before we left the campground and the between-the-wheel chocks I ordered from Camping World were in this delivery. Can't wait to see how they work! I don't like those orange plastic wedges you put in front and behind the wheels 'cause it IS possible to drive right over them; they squish.(don't ask me how I know, LOL). And they're also hard to set up when we need to use our leveling boards. That's why I got the new ones when they were on sale. Hope they work!

Such an easy drive today...I-10 and then I-8 for 17 miles. North to AZ-84 and about 5 miles and there we were, at the John Wayne RV Ranch…out in the middle of nowhere (if you don't count the huge feed lots about 2 miles up the road)! We passed miles of cotton fields…some already picked; some waiting to be picked. A hundred or more cotton bales waiting to be picked up. When I think of Arizona, I surely don’t think of cotton. I guess I’m going to have to change my thinking. There were also many acres of pecan and some other nut trees (walnuts?) And, believe it or not, vineyards! Not the quantity as in New York along Lake Erie but again, something I didn’t expect to see in Arizona.


Bob and I did some exploring around the area today. We're about 20 miles from Casa Grande, a fair sized city with lots of manufacturing. We also passed a cotton gin (you can take tours if you plan ahead), a sheep farm, fields of unidentified green crops (Bob thinks rice), many cotton fields with many huge bales of cotton waiting to go to the gin, and thousands of dairy cows in cattle feeding operations. We were going to drive to the town of Maricopia to see if we could get our pictures taken with Sheriff Joe but then we figured he's the sheriff for the whole county and who knows where he's located.

We're about 1/8 mile from the Great Canal (the one that takes U.S. water to Mexico) and, of course, it's full of water. They must have had rain here recently because even though the washes are empty, there are large puddle/ponds in the low areas.

We've signed up for 2 more nights because it's supposed to be quite windy on the way to our next stop in Needles California. We'll be moving on on Saturday.


Today was my geocaching day while Bob caught up on stuff he needs to do at the trailer. Found some neat ones, didn't find 2. I was out until about 5 p.m. and really enjoyed seeing some of the countryside around here.


Bob and I explored around the area today and stopped at the local state park (there also was a geocache here) where there were about 10 campers boon-docking (camping without running water, sewer or electric) and they had beautiful desert open spaces all around them. Some day we will learn how to use the batteries in the Ti for our electric and we'll be able to do that, too. Once you can run off your batteries, you can find some pretty neat places (free, too) to spend a night or 3. Many people never pay campground fees...just operating off their solar panels that charge the batteries that run all the 12 volt stuff on board. We have 2 large solar panels but I can't find out how big they are energy wise.

Tomorrow, on to Needles, California.

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