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Just outside Artesia, on the way to Roswell.

Pretty exciting!

Just another road to nowhere.

Downtown Roswell.

Cook Painting.


O'Hara piece.


W. Midgette Piece.




Howard Cook piece.



This is where it begins.

UFO Museum #2.


Example of display.


A lot of reading.


As if you hadn't had enough - going back to Artesia.

Okay, just one more. See anything over 3 feet high out there??...

This is the view coming into town.

Closest to earth in several years.



UFO's and Aliens.

UFO’s. Aliens. Coverup. Weather balloons. Top Secret.

All the above are related to incidents taking place during early July of 1947, when Mac Brazel picked up some debris from a field he was tending approximately 75 miles NW of Roswell.

The rest is history, as they say.

The Roswell UFO Museum was reasonably interesting, although, I must admit, somewhat repetitive and a little amateurish. Yes, the whole idea of a UFO discovery and subsequent coverup is still the whole story behind “Roswell”, and the displays showing the various newspaper articles, affidavits, and associated media hype was interesting.

The remainder of the museum focused on how UFO’s have been “seen” or artificially photographed. There was also an exhibit on Area 51 in Nevada, and the corn field imprints – which, I must admit, are rather intriguing.

However, if you are a Sci-Fi junky, then the Roswell UFO Museum is for you.

On a side note: I was quite surprised with the size of the town of Roswell. They even have their own TV station – which I’m sure is in place in the event any more UFO’s come flying around!

Another stop was the Roswell Museum and Art Center, which featured various artists from the area, as well as a museum of early rocketry experiments. In many ways, this was as interesting, or perhaps moreso, than the UFO Museum.

Anyway, here are a few photos of the experience.

An extra added attraction to today, was the close proximity of the moon to earth, offering a photo opportunity.

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