2009 Spring 2 Fall travel blog

view of Doughton Park Campground from our site - Wayne's Aspect like...

I put out the awning to keep the sun off the bedroom...

there is a steep drop off to the hill behind us

very steep and very deep

my new art supplies from Cheap Joes - note my three dollar...

our living room/dining room with Madolyn playing Sudoku

she's getting pretty good

I did a drawing of Wayne's RV for him and I put...

it's a protection for the chrome and I kid him about it...

I'm also working on a repaint of the silo in Boone

first the rain started - then the hail

hailstones were bouncing off the top and collecting on the windshield

after the storm - or to be more accurate between storms

I took the awning down quick but everything under it had gotten...

the sky was clearer

but we weren't out of the woods yet

before we knew it - it started all over again

We stayed fer the pickin’ but what we got was a lickin’ - Tuesday, June 9

We were all packed up and ready to go this morning when two men walked up and one of them said, “Kin Ah ask you a question?” That question changed our whole day.

His name was Wayne and he has a Winnebago Aspect just like ours but two years newer. I forget now what his question was, but Madolyn heard the conversation and came out, and before it was over we’d talked for almost an hour. He lives in North Carolina and he’s a guitar picker. Over the years he’s been coming here he’s met some pickin’ buddies and they meet at his campsite for a down home jam session.

He invited us to ‘drop by’ and we hesitated, then said we had to leave but maybe we would come back. Before leaving we decided to take a walk around the campground and sure enough we passed his campsite and he invited us to ‘sit a spell’. We met his friends Howard (the guy camped next to him) and Clyde who is the campground host. For another hour we talked about everything from travel, to the time lightning hit Clyde's 5th wheel.

We finally tore ourselves away to a ‘y’all come back!” and fifty feet up the road we stopped to talk to Bud and Sandy. They were camped across the road from Wayne and all the time we were talking to Wayne we’d been hearing a steady ‘crack!’ ‘crack!’ coming from their campsite. Madolyn asked them what they were cracking and they said, “Pecans!” We stopped to take a look and the contraption they were using was truly amazing.

It was a board with a rubber band operated ram. When Bud placed a pecan in the stationary cup and then pulled back and released the ram, the ram cracked the pecan shell quite perfectly, leaving the inner nut un-damaged and in perfect shape! They offered us some pecans, and when we told them we still have some our friend Melinda gave us two years ago they offered to let us come over and use their machine to crack them. In short we spent another hour talking to them and having a good ol' time.

I mentioned that we’d been talking to Wayne and Sandy rolled her eyes and said, “Oh he’s a legend around here!’ Madolyn and I looked at each other and knew right then we were stayin’ fer the pickin’.

We re-upped for another night and settled in to read, paint and wait for the 6:00 PM gathering. Our wait included a nap, and when I awoke it was starting to rain! Oh no - the concert was to be outside! Well, maybe if it rains now it’ll be over by 6:00.

Unfortunately that was not to be. The rain got harder and HARDER and HARDER - and then it turned to ice and we were getting pounded with marble sized hail. In my experience hail storms usually don’t last all that long, but this one did. It seemed like it was never going to end, and while we held our breath hoping the hailstones wouldn’t get any larger, it hailed and HAILED and HAILED.

We had our awning out and when the rain and hail finally stopped even under the awning everything was soaked, shoes, chairs - everything! Campers started emerging from their RV’s and trailers and everyone looked sort of dazed. (I forgot to mention the thunder and lightning that had accompanied the hail storm.) But the story was not over.

There was a brief respite of an hour or so, and Wayne said they were hoping to get started in half an hour, but by then the sky was clouding up again, the thunder was rumbling, and before we knew it with a few ear splitting claps the sky opened up again. This time it was hail first and then the rain. It came down just as hard as before, but fortunately it didn’t last as long. The evening ended with us hitting the sack by 9:30 and looking out our window at the light of a full moon on a cloudy sky.

Absolutely beautiful - even if the only music we heard was our Allison Krauss CD.

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