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Inside Alhambra

surprisingly they serve beer inside Algambra

nice view from the Palace

very fine Islamic art everywhere in Alhambra

so detailed and beautiful

inside the palace there are many water places

the view from the garden

having Tapas in a local bar, No English here, so we just...

night view of Alhambra from Islamic town on the hill

Framenco dancing!!

and live music!

the view of Islamic town from Alhambra

Andalucía is one of the destinations that we longed to visit on our trip, and that is why we are staying in this region for one week, jumping towns every two days though, starting with Granada, Malaga, Mijas, and Cordoba.

So we took one of the famous (or infamous) European budget Airline flights to our first stop in Andalucía, Granada. The scenery from the plane window made us realise that we were landing in the mountainous desert in the middle of nowhere. Once we stepped outside the airport, the strong sun and heat welcomed us. In Andalucía it isn’t unusual to be over 40 degrees in summer, and digital thermometers are found everywhere in the city to warn people for sunstroke. It was 7pm and still reading 42 degrees.

What we loved in this sunny city is its famous hospitality “free tapas with a beer”. Pretty much every bar in Granada offers free tapas when you order a beer. Beer is cheap in Spain you can buy a pint of beer for 1.5 Euro (less than AU$3) and a plate of tapa comes with it!! How wonderful. We also loved marinated olives here. The olives we had in a little bar in a town was the best we’ve ever had, it was full of flavour and wasn’t too salty. Each bar has their own olive recipe and they all tasted different.

The most important attraction here in Granada is Alhambra, one of the greatest accomplishments of Islamic art and architecture. Its huge area on the top of a rocky hill overlooking the whole city consists of a fortress, palace, mosque and beautiful gardens. It is also the most important Islamic architecture outside the Islamic countries. They have a very strict entry control, the number of tourists per day is restricted, and it was very important to book a ticket in advance. We found out about this a day before we arrived in Granada. We jumped on the internet to book tickets, but it was too late, we called the ticket office, it was all sold out for next 3 days and we are only staying Granada for 2days!! We started to panic, but then came to the conclusion that the only way to visit this world heritage-listed place is by waking up at 6am and wait in a long queue in the sun for 3 hours to get the very limited same day tickets (300 a day or something). However we were extremely lucky that our small hotel located on the back street helped us buy our tickets! We have never thought this was possible after trying every possible way, but the owner of the hotel has some allocations and he used it for us!! Thank you! Anyway it was worth all the troubles, Alhambra is simply breathtaking. Very fine Islamic art on the wall of the palace, the view from the patio overlooking the Islamic part of the town with white houses, a very well-maintained beautiful gardens, oh just everything was spectacular.

Another famous thing in Granada is flamenco dancing, and we really loved it. We were lucky to get seats in the cave-like bar just in front of dancers, they were dancing so close to us that I was actually worried they might hit my face. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the passion and tapping techniques they performed. I have never seen any dance that expresses so much passion. They dance and act from the heart, not only with hands and legs, but also their facial expressions, heart- beat and even sweat that splashes off their body.

Granada has been a great start for our Andalucía journey, and now taking a bus to Malaga!

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