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North shore Tennessee River

South shore Tennessee River(slender island divides)

Isn't it cute?

Covered bridge entrance to our campground

In front of JD visitors' center

Charcoal making portion

Aging facility up on the hill

Spring water comes from way back in there

Mr. Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel's orginial office

Original safe

His desk

Corn spillage goes unwasted

Bottling house


Where lemonade is served


Retired or collector spirits

Visitor entrance

This is a GRILL


Local restaurant double stack!

Lynchburg, one of the best known places in all of rural America. They are big on hospitality here despite the 500+/- population. The Civil War and the Reconstruction years brought change to the tiny town. In 1866 the distillery was established. Today more than 100 buildings are listed on the National Register(historic). Tennessee is on a limestone plateau, lending itself to perfect Tennessee whiskey production. This means the spring water is pure, no sulphur, no lead. There are several common factors at each distillery. Location is a holler(hollow) with the spring(a secret) upstream several miles, hand made oak barrels charred to perfection, FEW employees, and secret techniques boasting its claim to smoothness of taste. The colorful Tennessee accent humored everyone. Having grown up in East Tennessee, I have a great appreciation for all these so called "hillbillies". The Jack Daniel's gift shop, located on the town square, is loaded with everything bearing the logo- just no alcohol as the county is dry!! The barrels, used only for one aging, are for sale at the Barrel Shop next door. Supper was at the local diner. The menu items are named after residents who requested a particular item to eat. So, Corky's double stack was quite a mouthful complimented with sweet mustard slaw.

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