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Flowers at the Louisiana Boardwalk

More flowers


Sleeping Alligators

Alligator and turtle

Making his way out of the water to pose for me

The poser, did I get his good side?

We spent the last week at the Tall Pines RV Park on the west-side of Shreveport, Louisiana. Tall Pines is a very nice campground located conveniently just off I-20. This area is referred to as the “ARK-LA-TEX” because this corner of Louisiana borders the states of Texas and Arkansas. This is a term that I hadn’t heard before but after watching local news and weather for a week it became one that I heard thousands of times. Two years ago when we went through Shreveport we stayed at a casino campground and were much closer to the other casinos and the Louisiana Boardwalk; staying outside of that area this trip through worked out just fine, much quieter and no traffic. We did spend one day checking out three of the five casinos here, had a buffet lunch at the Horseshoe and then spent an hour or so at the Louisiana Boardwalk, a large outdoor shopping mall. We didn’t hit it rich at the casinos but were careful not to lose too much while still having fun. While in Alabama we made several trips to the Bon Secour Wildlife Refugee near Gulf Shores to try to catch a glimpse of the Alligators that live in the swamp there. We never did see one so when I saw the Alligator exhibit at the Bass Pro Shop at the Louisiana Boardwalk in Shreveport I just had to take a few photos. One of the Alligators even climbed out of the water to pose for me. One evening we found a neat restaurant just down the road from the campground, Jan’s River Restaurant. It is a large restaurant and it sure didn’t look like much from the outside, or for that matter even on the inside, but I have to say I have never seen so many catfish dinners being served so fast. Bob, of course, was as happy as could be with his favorite Southern dinner. There is a lot of road construction going on in the area so it seemed like that we spent a lot of the week fighting traffic. It was HOT and humid the whole week. There was a lot of severe weather all around us, mostly north of us in Arkansas, but we didn’t have a drop of rain the entire week.

Yesterday we traveled and are now staying at the Cow Town RV Park in Aledo, TX just west of Fort Worth and about 10 miles from Benbrook where my brother Richard lives. We stayed here two years ago and are happy to back. Richard and Carol asked us to join them at a Texas Hold’m Tournament they were going to be playing at but we decided that after the long drive we would just stay close to home and relax for the evening. We went to a near by Whataburger for our Easter dinner and then came back to the campground to learn yet another cable TV system. Just when you have figured out where your favorite stations are it is time to hit the road again. And then……the rain, wind and lightening started, for about a half hour we held our breath. Because of our recent brush with a tornado we kept an eye on the weather channel and decided that most of the worst of the storms were to the North and South of us so it was probably safe to go to bed. Wrong……that’s when the hail storm came. It started out with just a few plunk….plunk….plunks on the roof and then it became hundreds of plunk,plunk,plunk,plunks. The noise made by the hail hitting the top of our motor home was something else. Of course we had to get up and look out the window. We had nickel and quarter size hail; that lasted about 10 minutes then Bob went outside to check for damage, we were lucky, nothing dented and nothing broken. Thanks, in part to the giant Dr. Pepper I enjoyed at dinner I was awake most of the night and didn’t get to sleep through any of the several smaller storms that passed though. I see an afternoon nap in my future.

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