The Taj!

Another View of the Taj

Lots of these Parakeet Friends at the Taj

The Group in front of The Taj

A Single Break in the Clouds

Incredible Bas Relief & Inlay Detail

Bon Taking Pic of Todd Taking Pic of One of Impressive Side...

A "Tourist" at The Taj

Typical Indian Woman

Downtown Agra! Not What You'd Expect

Dung Plates Drying - Heating Fuel

A Couple of Typical Indian Street Kids

Kids Watching Bon(Far Rt. in Bush)

Bon Emerges and Photos Them

Hauling the Dung to Market or?

Another Taj!

The Site Across the River of Black Taj - Never Built

The Taj & Group

Todd & Side Temple at Taj

Todd Taking Pic of Temple & Bon Taking Pic of Todd

Arrived here this afternoon at 2:30 and went to our first selected guesthouse...turned out to be great, and luckily we hit it early, now full and after walking around town for a hour or more we saw none better. Tomorrow we get up early(+/- 6am) and head for The Taj for sunrise and tour the place along with the old fort. Mari is in Delhi and will follow tomor(Mon) to meet us here...she has the $$ to pay for and pick up our plane tickets which we were unable to get yesterday due to the lateness of the hour(7pm) when we finally decided on what we were going to do and tried to make reservations...a long story but the short of it is we will be on a flight to Cairo on the 11th...a bit more costly than we anticipated but almost no one travels from India to Egypt!

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