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Toby here eating at Bondocks



First canopy of the year going up on the beach

Linda making cards

Ellen's birthday party

spring time is here

We are hoping spring is here. The last 2 weeks it's been cloudy and temps in the low 60's. But today the sun is shining bright which by the way is the norm.

I've still been on whale watch and I haven't seen any but they say there still heading south. Yesterday a dead sea turtle washed ashore it was probably 3 feet long. A lifeguard truck stopped and 2 guys loaded it up. When the little turtles hatch they say only one in a million will make it to adult hood.

Toby flew down and stayed a few days he's a over the road truck driver. He had been up north in some bad weather and he was ready for a break.

They ran the Rolex 24 at the International Speedway on the 27th or they tried to. It was 24 hours of rain the only thing that would have been worse if it had been snow.

Feb.9-17 is Daytona Speed Weeks It starts with The Legends Parade at Ponce Inlet where the races started running in the sand. They started running on the sand in 1922 and in 1959 they built the Daytona Speedway and started racing there. That is the start of a lot of activities.

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