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The gulls are coming down last January when we were here there were groups of people taking pictures. They had tripods and telephoto lens the birds weren't doing anything but setting on the beach. It wasn't that exciting to me but to each his own. I asked a guy and he said in Jan. Daytona Beach has the biggest concentration of gulls in the world. I am not sure about that but there are a lot of gulls here this year.

My thing about the ocean is that the fish move south as the water cools off up north. With that they say the sharks follow them south. I have not seen one but a great white sighted in Daytona beach this morning. These sharks have been tagged also when they surface it pings a receiver and they know where it is. The birds are feeding big time so come on sharks. The shark finder say there is another one but further out in the ocean.

The next thing is White Whales they come down and calve(have baby whales) from Jacksonville to Cape Canaveral. Haven't seen any of them either but I'm looking. They say that they could be 55 feet long and weight 40 ton and I think that's right. The web sight where I get that information is shutdown for the government shutdown. I guess by taking that information off really hurts us. Looks like I'm on my own. I'm Still Looking

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