We saw beautiful aspens and Ponderosa pines on the drive..

Beautiful blue skys..

We passed a lot of beautiful lakes


They got a lot of snow last night and the place was...


We enjoyed watching all the action on the slopes..

Our next stop was near this beautiful area ...

We watched all the people enjoying sled and tube rides...

It is a beautiful area not to be missed..

We are planning a return trip for a sleigh ride...


Another awesome lake called "Big Lake" on the drive back..

Another view..

We saw a lot of these wildlife fenches in the area...but no...

It was a wowser drive..

Last one...

We did a bit of exploring today, we drove about 40 miles to see the Sunrise Ski Resort. We parked and enjoying watching all the skiing action, then we moved to the sledding area and watched all the sleds and tubes coming down the mountain. We are amazed at the beauty of this part of Arizona. It feels and looks more like Colorado than Arizona. We drove through miles of Ponderosa pines and even saw a lot of aspen trees on the drive.

Sunrise Park Resort is a ski resort located near Greer, Arizona, close to the border with New Mexico. The resort consists of three mountains named Sunrise Peak, Cyclone Peak, and Apache Peak. Situated on the Colorado Plateau and perched atop the White Mountains with a base of 9,200 feet and spread across 3 peaks and 800 acres, Sunrise tops out at 11,100 feet above sea level at Apache Peak.

We also saw a lot of signs telling us elk were in the area, but no luck seeing them yet. It was a beautiful drive, we are already planning a return trip later for a sleigh ride in the area. Check back later for more from Arizona.

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