They have some large camping areas too..

They were closed but people were camping there anyway...


Another perfect spot for fishing..

They have huge camping areas and picnic areas too..

A cool Steakhouse in the area...

Another view..


A popular place for elk, but we missed them today..

A House Finch enjoying the new barn feeder...

A Pine Siskin on the thistle bag..

Last one, Juncos eating the seeds on the ground..

We had another great day of exploring. We drove through part of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, we were looking for elk and other wildlife. The nice people we met at Rainbow Lake told us a lot of elk are usually in the area, we didn’t have any luck today, but we did run upon a cool reservoir, another great place for Jerry to go fishing.

Built in 1928, Scott Reservoir is an irrigation impoundment on Porter Creek near Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona. The least developed of the "in town" lakes, trees surround Scott Reservoir. It lies just outside the town limits on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.

Scott Reservoir covers 80 acres with an average depth of 10 feet, and lies at 6,720 feet altitude. It is usually somewhat turbid, which helps control algae blooms and aquatic weeds. This, coupled with a perennial stream flowing in, creates a stable water quality condition. The lake is stocked with catchable-sized rainbow trout in spring, early summer and fall, and it is occasionally stocked with channel catfish. There are also some largemouth bass.

We totally struck out with the wildlife viewing. I saw way more birds in my own yard when I got home. I just put us a new barn feeder and the birds are loving it. It was another great day in Arizona, check back later for more.

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