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Early morning after a night of rain! time to pack up and...

The Encampment River, reflective and peaceful as it flows thru the campground

Sporting my new Da Brim sun visor.

Contrary to the forecast of clearing skies, the clouds continued to hang...



Jake and Nate, two friends we have met along the way and...

The Colorado border, as soon as we crossed into Colorado . ....

The forecast said no rain, but this cloud that followed us indicated...

We could see it was going to be inevitable, especially as the...

Yes, it rained all night! But actually, we were safe and dry and cozy and it was that sort of gentle rain that makes it so relaxing to be in a tent and listen to it pitter patter on the roof. I had a feeling it would all be ok, it eventually stopped, there was not flooding water or lightning and thunder, it was kinda nice!

By the time we got back from dinner, there were several more hiker/biker tents in our area. We felt like part of an elite group! Several guys were hiking the Continental Divide Trail, now that is tough! It is always so interesting to catch up with stories that are different than ours, and they are all different! One hike slept in a waterproof sleeping bag only, no tent. No thanks! Unless you find the pitter patter of rain on your face relaxing!

So by time we crawled out of the tent, the rain fly was fairly dry! We dodn't need to rush, as we only have about 48 miles today. Yes, elevation gain but we haven't really rushed the start to our day yet!

A quiet peaceful, windless start to the day. Low clouds but the forecast was for NO RAIN!! We checked here in Riverside WY and in our destination of Walden, CO . . .no rain! The low clouds lingered around us but the very minimal breeze was in our favor and behind us and we seemed to keep pace with the clouds as they moved away from us.

We climbed up and soared down expansive long stretches of road, 26 miles to the Colorado border! An enjoyable ride. Saw a rider headed in the opposite direction and thought he was either out for a day ride or he had a sag wagon ahead of him! Yep, his wife was ahead! We stopped and chatted and he went just a little further than most in keeping track of the riders he met on the Trans America Route! Jeff from Reno NV took our photo, had us pose doing something different than just stand there!, recorded our voices and asked us what was unique about us! Fun! I have to look up his website and see what he has done with all the info! While we were chatting, Jack and Nate from Jeffrey City rode up! Great catching up again with friends we had previously met!

We rode off, enjoying the day!

You all know by now that we are in a high elevation, so our rides are mostly up and down! It was a regular sort of day until we noticed those clouds might be moving more our way! they move very, very slowly but the breeze had increased a bit and it was definitely pushing that cloud our way! If we were lucky it would push it just behind us so we kept ridding!

Jackets on, jackets off, that sort of day again! We stopped to put our rain jackets on because it was downhill ahead, Jack and Nate caught up again and we all talked about that cloud! The road took a right hand turn onto CO 125 and headed us right into the path of that cloud! The wind was picking up, it was inevitable, we were going to get very, very wet and cold! Stopped to gear up with all of our rain gear and it was so ugly we decided it best if we try and wait it out! There was a building for sale on the road just ahead, and it looked perfect to us, we headed over there and hid beneath the large eves with great walls to protect us from the wind and rain!

No rain! Not on us anyhow! But it was cold! We thought we would enjoy a little lunch while waiting for it to pass until finally it looked as if it was moving from west to east, ahead of us and across instead of barreling our way!

So we got on our bikes and took a chance that we would make it the last 13 miles to Walden and we did!!!!!! Not a drop!

How lucky is that??

So it feels amazing to be in Colorado! Can't explain it, been so excitied to get here, it is just something that Colorado does to me. No matter where we go or what we do,being back in Colorado makes me feel different! Riding to Breckenridge is just a special thrill for me, having lived there and done so much in the area, to ride our bicycles thru the area on such an epic journey is very cool! Almost like riding our bicycles into our home town of Ottawa on our first trip!

A few more days now, depending on how far we get tomorrow and we should be in Breckenridge!

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