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They are here but don’t eat

Camel headed for McDonalds, very low in cholesterol

Tallest flag pole in the world King Hussian wanted ir

Reason for no lawn mowers

History: Jordan’s only coastal city, scenic Aqaba is set amid coffee-colored desert hills. With its central location between Africa and Asia, it has played a significant role in the regions trade for thousands of years. Today it is the sole port of the nation and known for its snorkeling and dive sites. It was here Lawrence of Arabia led the camel charge in the Battle of Aqaba in 1917.

Nobody needs a lawn mower in this part of the earth. It is solid sand and that is why they invented camels. Major historic events Jesus baptist by John the Baptist in the river Jordan, Moses (Charleston Heston) parted the Red Sea, which by the way is one hell of a walk, and died on Mt. Nebo. Next we are headed to more sand, camels and pyramids of Egypt. Go and kiss your Kohler toilet every day, holes in the floors are not inviting.

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