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Carpes at Outpost Truck Stop
Usually we show a "tighter" shot, but we...

Beautiful and uncrowded SD 79 south of Rapid City

Back in Wyoming—this time on US 18

Wed, 26 Aug: Back on the road again...

After staying put for nine days at the Rapid City Elks Lodge it is finally time to roll wheels. Yes, we were allowed to stay an additional two days, which were most relaxing and worthwhile. We did some more laundry, stocked our larder, and had an opportunity to eat out some more. Rapid City does have some very good places to eat.

Yesterday we topped up our fresh water tank. Our diesel tank was full, we topped it up when we arrived last Monday. We should have waited as the price at the Pilot/Flying J this morning was $2.219/gallon (we get an additional 7¢s per gallon off with our loyalty card). That's almost 25¢s per gallon less than we paid nine days ago.

After getting everything ready for the road Bob drove the coach to the Cabella's dump station. We get a free dump because Bob bought a new rain jacket last week. While Bob was tending to the dump chore Sandi drove the car to our mailing service to pick up our mail. We rendezvoused back at Cabella's where we connected the car and headed out right around ten.

We retraced our route south on SD 79, but this time continued past the Elks' Lodge exit. SD 79 is a divided highway with virtually no traffic all the way to Hot Springs. Just north of Hot Springs we took US 18 west, then the truck bypass around town, and into Wyoming.

A few miles west of the border US 18 meets up with US 85. At the junction is a large rest area which we used as our break point for lunch. A half hour later we were well fed and continued the remaining fifty miles to Lusk. We are currently in a far corner of the Outpost Truck Stop lot where we'll boondock for the evening. It is well into the nineties this afternoon so we'll probably start our generator and run the air conditioners for a bit.

Today's run was a very easy 157 miles. We climbed almost 2,000' in altitude and are currently at 5,002'. Carpe doesn't much care for up hills so she only got a tad south of 7½ mpg.

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