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All showered and clean, having dinner out of the wind in the...


A night in Carnarvon followed our departure from the beautiful Cape Range. We arrived early in the afternoon with a list of jobs and, once set up in the Norwesta caravan park, we set about ticking them off.

It's amazing how productive we can be when faced with a short time frame and plenty to do (I know some people spend their lives being like that, but not us!). We did two loads of laundry, the grocery shopping, a visit to the hardware store, repairs on Old Bess, showers and hair wash for everyone, cooked and ate dinner, and still had two chapters of Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

We've been hearing lots about how the weather is pretty ordinary down south and we certainly keep encountering plenty of wind which is also making mornings and evenings much cooler than they were a little further north.

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