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Texas Star Viewed from Balcony

Flags Viewed from Balcony

Carolyn Nottleson on Balcony

Terrazzo Floor - Viewed from Third Floor

This morning Carolyn went to Silver Sneakers exercise class with me. She is already a member but had misplaced her ID card; so they had to get her a new card.

After the class we stopped by the Pizza Hut to take advantage of their special deal. For $10 we got a large supreme pizza, which is enough to feed us for two days! Pretty cheap eating, I’d say.

This afternoon I took her to the Texas State History Museum, where we saw “Star of Destiny” in the Spirit Theater. Afterwards we had a cup of coffee in the Star of Texas Café. We sat outside on the balcony for quite a while, enjoying the breeze. Then we went up to the third floor where we saw another film highlighting the histories of the largest cities in Texas.

While we were there, Carolyn received a call from her ophthalmologist’s office asking her if she could come in for some more tests relating to her upcoming cataract surgery. Because it was after 5:00 I thought it would take us a long time to get to the doctor’s office due to evening gridlock. We were pleasantly surprised, though, at how quickly we got there. Taking the less-traveled side streets was what made the difference, I’m sure.

When we arrived back at Pecan Grove, we had dinner in her rig. She served some tasty home-made chicken soup and tossed salad. It really hit the spot.

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