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there IS a chairlift coming into this Pylon. A Bit of steel...

Look closely two chairlifts passing each other. What a way to get...

Thames barriers

millenium done from barriers

In the afternoon we took a London public transportferry down river from the embankment to Woolwich. It was a great trip but it would also have been good to have some commentary. We did learn that because of the lack of bridges at that end of the Thames, that a 'flying fox'(Chairleft) had been put in. There were also ferries taking cars and trucks as well as people directly across.

We saw a large white dome construction and thought it a bit small for the Olympics. A Scout leader enlightened us. It was the Millennium Dome, which after 18 months of sitting idle, now operated as an entertainment venue hosting large concerts and events. A lot of architecturally interesting apartment blocks (or offices?) were going up in the vicinity.

We went through the Thames Barrier built as a result of a combined flood/surge tide. As these tides are not rare and the water level of the Thames has been rising each century and more rapidly now, the barriers close to prevent the river flooding. Last time it flooded (in the 1950's)it drowned 300 people and completely covered a large island upstream from the barriers position. Found this out on the net. It would have been good to have someone who knew about it with us on the boat. (afterwards the internet helps but its still not the same as someone telling you in the spot!)

All this took a bit longer than anticipated so by the time we got back to Earls court, changed my clothes, packed stuff for others that had been left with Bevan, into my case, it was too late to savour my last Ale pie. However Heathrow had at least one decent eating place and Bev and I had a couple of really different sorts of salads. VERY HEALTHY as well!

Then it was onto the plane to Singapore and a changeover from there to Perth. All on time. The only hiccup was in Perth. Two planes came in just before us and one immediately after so there was a very large line up at customs. And probably because its the Australians who are likely to be bringing in goods that they shouldn't, we don't get the local preferential treatment (UK/EU line) as in Europe where they get through much faster than visitors.

Finally got through after an hour to be met by another long, long , line waiting for a taxi. Having arrived at 12.40am I was at last in my unit; it was 3.30am. My good fairy had been at work. Nicky had been and folded the washing I'd hung before leaving, and left a note welcoming me home and saying she'd put milk in the frig. A cup of tea was just what I needed! Great way to end the trip!

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