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We pride ourselves on being punctual people. If you invite us to your house at 5pm, that’s when the doorbell will ring. But when you hang around with geezers, arriving on time means you are late. A few days ago we signed up to plan tennis at 6:30. When we arrived at 6:28 the courts were full of people playing. Because we signed up, we got a chance to rotate in, but it was clear that we were late.

Most evening shows here begin at 7pm. When we went to one at another campground, we were advised to get there at 5:45 or we wouldn’t get a parking space. When we got there at 5:45, we got the last spot in the parking lot and joined a long line of attendees. The doors were not even open yet. When all of us got inside and sat down, we waited a full hour before the show began. It made no sense. Luckily we well prepared and used the time to listen to a few podcast that are always queued up on our phones.

When we went to a 7pm show at our campground arriving at 6:50 meant we had to sit in the last row. That show had a bit too much Jesus and patriotism for our taste, so it was easy to slink out before it ended.

Last year we went on a bus trip from the campground. We got on the bus ten minutes before it was time to leave. Not only were we the last ones to arrive, we got derisive applause indicating that we had made all those fine folks wait unnecessarily.

Well, excuse me!!!

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