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We left Skagway about 8:00am, and proceeded to "backtrack" up and over the pass(scary) towards Canadian customs. It was raining as we left and continued to rain as we proceeded. Passing over and near the summit the visibility was not very good, but we were taking it slow and easy, and watching the outside temperature closely. It didn't go below 40F, thankfully, as we had observed 33F on our trip into Skagway which made me very nervous at the time. No problem going thru Canadian customs. For the days wildlife count, we saw a porcupine and a black bear. We had lunch at Jake's Crossing. Got some gas and a few groceries before we got to the campground, about 2:00pm. Joanne has been having a problem with her leg. She has a severe red blotch(s), and we were thinking a spider bite, but several of the ladies looked at it and one thought it was from a noxious weed called Hog Wart! She got some Benadryl and Calamine lotion, but the Hydra Cortisone we had already put on it was probably better than the Calamine lotion in any event. We think she was infected after we got off the train in Skagway. It is very painful, and her ankle is swollen. she is also taking Tylenol for the pain.

We were at the same campground as we were in on July 3rd. on the way to Alaska. We caught up on the blog and were able to add the pictures that were missing from earlier entries. We had dinner in the camper, and then off to bed...... ready for tomorrow's trip to Junction 37.

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