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Unfortunately, when I started to answer your question about fuel mileage of my Lazy Daze motorhome, I inadvertently clicked DELETE. When I tried to undo the deletion, that option was grayed out. Aarrgghh! What to do? I contacted the Web master, hoping he could restore the deleted message but have not yet received a response. I probably haven't given him enough time.

Anyway, in response to your question: When I'm towing my Toyota ECHO, it does not affect the fuel mileage much because the car is so lightweight. I still get close to 10 mpg. This isn't wonderful because the V10 Triton engine doesn't just sip gasoline; it gulps it down. That's the nature of powerful engines, though. The car itself gets 43+ mpg on the highway.

JR, please let me know when you have read this response so I will know that this entry can be deleted.

I'm sorry to have to respond in this way. You can be sure that, in the future, I will be very careful to make sure I don't click DELETE!!

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