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colourful Masai blankets

Today, we had our longest day on the road in the entire trip --13hrs. We packed a lunch this morning so that we wouldn't have to stop. It was crazy long.

We crossed the border into Kenya by 8am. To pass the time, we played a quiz game. It was the Smurfettes vs. the people at the back of the truck.

The last stretch of road going into Lake Naivasha was insane. It was Africa's bumpy roads at its worst!!! These were not potholes, they were craters. Everyone was in a hurry of course, and the side of the roads dropped off into oblivion. At one point, there were 3 trucks side by side heading down the road in one direction, a bike with 2 people on it, and bus heading straight for all of them. Needless to say, it was better not to look, and best not to sit at the back of the truck, where you literally got launched in the air each time we hit a bump (it's fun for all of 2 minutes, then it's just painful).

We arrived, shaken and stirred.

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