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Copan Ruins Plaza Sign

Macaw Greeters as We Enter Copan Ruins

Stone Block Steps Surround Entire Great Plaza-Trees and All

|One of Many King Stellaes in Great Copan Plaza #8498

Band Playing in Park...Part of 5 Day 'Festival'

These Guys Were a Kick to Watch...What Squawking Tho!

This Oval Rock is Mentioned in Childress as Being Similar to Ones...

This Ugly Guy is Also Mentioned in Childrss as Having Similarities to...

Possible Rendition of Glyph Stairway & History of Maya Kings From 700+...

Actual Stairs w/ Glyphs

Picture of 3 Different Temples One On Top of Another

Closeup Of Glyph Stairs & Sculpture of King Who Last Added to...

Distant Shot of Same

View of Covered Stairs From Great Plaza

Site Also Known For the Many Impressive Stelae

Lots of Tall Stelae in Great Plaza

Julio directs us to Ruta Oriente bus sta (moved from LP location), a 12 block walk, bus lvs for Chiquimula 9:30 almost on time. 3 1/2 hours later off and onto another to the frontier at El Florido-quick walk chk in/out of countries (no stamp into Honduras?!), exchg $$ (lose $2.50 US in process on $75 worth), and 20 minute colectivo to Ruinas Copan. Got hooked by a "helper" who wanted us to go to his hotel, instead we end up at Mansana Verde Hostel (dorm 95l = $5.25ea), had to pay $1.70 "helper" off to get rid of him. Walked around the tiny village set up for tourists primarily. Ended at Via Via for dinner & movie "The Hurt Locker"...seemed to Bon more a semi-documentary but not an academy award winner to her mind.


The ruins...for me hopefully the last Maya stuff, I'm getting majorly 'ruined'!

Copan Ruins Info

Lots of name glyphs enabled archeologists to come up with the most impressive list of rulers for this city covering over 400 years, largely due to the staircase with huge writings on all the steps. (see pics) Great huge trees (Elephant Ear Tree/enterolobium cyclocarpum) Elephant Ear Tree Info provided lots of shade making a hot day very bearable. While we were admiring the staircase a S African woman our age (1st S African we've encountered), Lynne, born and raised on E. Garden Coast N of Cape Town chatted w/ us for almost an hour. She also is very concerned about where the future lies there but says she has spoken to several upper ups in govt who say all is going well. Big test is World Cup in June!

After 3 hours and lots of stelae later we walked 1 km back to town on a nice, shaded path.

What are stelae?

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