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Winnebago Service Center

Downtown Forest City

Max in Car

Max Back Home

We got the Winnie in the shop by 0700 and it was done by 1200. The awning is as good as new (hopefully). We toured the Winnebago manufacturing plant, but there wasn’t much going on because they aren’t working on Fridays to reduce inventory. It’s a shame, there are only 1,700 people working where there were over 3,500 a year ago. They are generally only building coaches on order from dealers (annual production <10,000 vs. >20,000 last year).

Poor Max had to suffer through the repairs in the back of the Equinox in his cage. He wasn’t real happy while we went to breakfast at Sally’s (Sorry no pictures). Once we got the coach back Max could resume his previous activity of lounging on the bed. I think he is finally getting used to having a moving home.

Downtown Forest City looked a little deserted. Not sure whether it was because it was early or a sign of the economy. An interesting anomaly related to gas prices in Iowa is the “Super Unleaded is about $0.10 cheaper per gallon than regular unleaded. It seen that the super has more ethanol in it than regular unleaded and the fuel tax is lower to promote the use of corn-based ethanol for motor fuels.

We headed west from Forest City across northwestern Iowa with our destination today being North Sioux City, SD and a KOA campground. This part of the state is mostly flat and covered with corn and soybeans as far as the eye can see. We passed through a bunch of small to medium sized towns that remind of the town where I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. There are small houses on neatly landscaped lots and a downtown area with local stores. Lots of monuments to veterans who served their country in the past and currently.

Today was a transit day with no sightseeing and few pictures. Tomorrow we will be traveling across the northern part of Nebraska to Valentine for a night at Fishberry Campground. I’m looking forward to seeing this part of Nebraska. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures for tomorrows update.

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