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Driving into Mahone Bay notice the three churches

Mahone Bay

Side of church

Birds fighting over who is going to sit on the rock

Mahone Settlers Museum

Style of homes in Mahone Bay

Lots of sailboats around this area

Quilts in Settlers Museum

Settlers Museum

Hand painted ceiling in Settlers Museum

Some of this pottery had Dauphinee indicated on them

We thought this house was beautiful it was a B&B in Mahone...

Storefronts in Lunenburg

Explanation of downtown development

Fisherman's Memorial the pillars are set on a Sundiall

Bluenose II

Top deck of Bluenose II

Maryland State Boychoir

Signage in Lunenburg

St John's Church

Stained glass in St John's

Front of Church

We drove down to Mahone Bay this morning along Highway 3 which takes you all along the coastline. It's a very windy drive but well worth the drive for the scenery. Mahone bay is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Canada and I have to say I would agree on this. It is situation on a bay of more than 100 islands and the amin street has an assortment of art galleries, speciality shops and museums which are all within nice easy stroll.

The first thing you see as you come around the corner to Mahone Bay is three churches sitting right on the Bay. The waterside churches are Trinity United, St John's Lutheran and St James Anglican. the first two have always been white in colour, while the Angelican is cream with brown trim.

The Anglican church was built in 1833 and is the style known as High Victorian gothic revival. The Trinity was built in 1861 and the Lutheran was built in 1869. Nobody knows why they have the three all together but they guess it was just to bring everyone together in unity, as for me I like that reason.

We also went to the Mahone Bay Settlers Museum it was very interesting. They had there a brief history of some of the first settlers to Mahone Bay and on the list was Dauphinee (grandpa's surname) I kinda of wondered if they were relatives because if I remember correctly a lot of Grandpa's family were from Nova Scotia. They also had several families around the area with the Percival which of course was Grandpa's name as well. The name Dauphinee was mentioned quite a bit in a diary that was on display in the museum. I guess it shows how little I know about our family background. Also just a little tidbit there is a Inn just down from where we are staying and it is called Dauphinee's Inn and was once owned by the Dauphinee's it has since been sold but I am told they still live in the Hubbard's area.

We enjoyed Mahone Bay very much and would recommend a drive that way. We left Mahone and headed for Lunenburg which was only another 15 minutes down the road.

Lunenburg was a much busier city than Mayhone Bay and hard to find parking there were so many tourists in town. Lunenburg is built on a hillside and they have an area that is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area is on the waterfront and up the hillside which is covered in restaurants, shops and museums. The Bluenose II docks there but we were unable to go onboard as they were doing a lot of painting and various other updates to the ship. It was a little smaller than I expected yet it is very big in other ways.

As we walked around we came across The Maryland State Boychoir which who were just singing a few songs down on the wharf. They just wanted to sing a couple of songs for the crowd down there they weren't hired or anything. They were actually on their way to Halifax to perform that night. They were fantastic to listen to.

The Maryland State Boychoir (MSB), Maryland’s “Official Goodwill Ambassadors,” is comprised of approximately 150 choristers, ages 7 to 20, who represent a wide range of ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. They come from nine Maryland counties, Baltimore City, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

The MSB performs over 60 times each year. They have performed throughout Maryland, in surrounding states, and on tours that have taken them to Ireland, Wales, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Canada, and more than thirty states in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest regions of the U.S. Throughout the state of Maryland, the MSB has performed at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, the United States Naval Academy Chapel, the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, the Lyric Opera House, the State House, the Governor’s Mansion, the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, and Loyola College. Throughout the U.S., the MSB has performed at the White House, the Kennedy Center, the PGA President’s Cup, the National Cathedral in Washington DC, St. Patrick's and Holy Trinity Cathedrals in New York, Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, Capitol University in Ohio, and The University of Central Arkansas.

Brian talked to their Music Director, Stephen Holmes for quite a while and found he was a very interesting and talented man. He gave us his card and told us to make sure we come and see them when were in Baltimore.

We walked around the town a bit more but the crowds really got to us so we decided to just take a short drive around the town.

They have a lot of old Victoria style homes in this area which are just beautiful some have been restored to perfection. We also went up to the St. John's Anglican Church which is the second oldest Anglican church in Canada founded in 1753. the structure is undeniable one of the country's most outstanding examples of Carpenter Gothic architecture.

On November 1, 2001 the building was all but destroyed by fire and the town came together to do a major restoration to its former splendour. I found the history of the church fascinating. In it's earliest years, St John's followed the custom of burying prominent parishioners in the crypt beneath the church. There are records of 17 burials under St. John's and they have placed a plaque fitted on the floor in front of the chancel; this was the approximate location of the individuals buried but no burials have been in the crypt since 1826.

The windows of St John's are unbelievable but they tell the story of four of the stained glass windows are from the 1870's and were found hidden behind the organ vaults and have since been put in the center of the chancel. All the other stained glass windows each have a story behind them.

They also have 700 gold stars that are randomly placed on the sky blue cancel ceiling. A Professor and AStronomer at Saint Mary's University in Halfax researched the placement of these stars and came to discover that the stars were an exact pattern of the Lunenburg Sky as it would have appeared at sunset of December 24 in 1 B.C., the traditional beginning for the first Christmas, the birth date of Christ. The ceiling stars also depict the stars of Pleiades, the Great Square of the constellation Pagasus, Ursa Minor and Polaris, the north star. Segments of other contellations uch as Andromeda, Pices and Draco are also visible.

I have to say of all the churches we have seen in our trip this was the most beautiful and interesting to see. This is a must to see if you are in Lunenburg.

It was later in the day so we headed back to the campground and that evening we had two other couples over for a campfire and before we knew it, it was after midnight and we were told my some young kids behind us that it was time we quieted down. We got a kick out of it as we never thought we would have someone younger than us tell us to go to bed!!!

We have enjoyed our time here in Hubbards we have met some fantastic people had some great time and enjoyed great entertainment around the area along with fireworks and everything. One of the evenings we really enjoyed was just down the street at the Dauphinee Inn where we walked down and listened to all types of music and sat on the grass for at least three hours and then afterwards to end the evening they had a fireworks display which was fantastic almost as good as the ones we saw at Niagara Falls which were the best we have ever seen. We will certainly come back to this area.

We had a good day of rest today as tomorrow we are heading out on a drive which we know will be a long day. So this morning we went grocery shopping and boy I have to say the prices for food back here is very high compared to home and of course the U.S.

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