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The capitol dome at Jefferson City, Missouri

The capitol of Missouri at Jefferson City

Patria - Thomas Jefferson

Missouri state seal

United we stand, divided we fall

Bridge over the Missouri River

New friends at Prairie Creek Settlement

The capitol in Missouri rivaled the Iowa state capitol for its statutes and monuments to the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. It never ceases to amaze me how this nation which claims to have it's foundations rooted in a Judeo/Christian heritage harkens so frequently to a pagan past. Makes one wonder just which soil the roots of America grow so deep in! A recurring theme at the capitol buildings is the goddess Copia with her cornucopia, horn of plenty - symbolizing the provider of our needs - hmmm, I thought that was YHVH's job. Anyway, I wonder just what it does mean when on all our government buildings and on our money it says, "In God We Trust." Maybe that "God" isn't the one I follow and believe in after all!

We spent Shabbat in southern Missouri with a newly developing little community called Prairie Creek Settlement - you can find them on the web. Had a delightful Shabbat, visiting and resting and making new friends in the body of Messiah. The young people of the community made sure we saw all the special places on the 120 acres, like the lake with the beaver dam and the persimmon grove where the snakes like to hang out. The dogs had a great time with so much freedom and space to run and explore. When they took an interest in the chickens though, we had to tie them up, so much for freedom. Need to learn to practice a little restraint with those chickens!

Having been community visionaries ourselves for so many years it is heartening to see others take on the joys and the struggles of community building. Our prayers are with you, Prairie Creek Settlement, as you labor in this part of YHVH'S harvest field.

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