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Our trip from Foley, Al to Jackson, MS was uneventful, just the way we like all of our trips to be. We are staying at Springridge RV Park in Clinton, MS just west of Jackson and right off of I-20, a major interstate through Mississippi for four nights. It is a nice park with all the necessary amenities; there is a large mobile home park around the smaller RV area. The RV area is all blacktopped and has about 40 sites. It is not anywhere that you would want to stay for a whole season but just fine for a few days. We had been doing the usual things we do when we arrive in an area, a little site seeing and some shopping. On Friday morning we woke up to find out that severe thunderstorms were predicted for later in the day and that tornado warnings were being issued for areas just west of us. At about 10:30 AM a tornado siren went off. I have to tell you that this particular siren was the most terrifying sound I have ever heard. We had no idea where to go but decided that the brick building that houses the bathrooms and laundry room had to be safer than staying in our motor home. There were a few of the mobile home park residents standing around the building so we all stood outside waiting for something to happen. They are use to hearing the siren and have had two other warnings within the last few weeks. The longer we waited, about 20 minutes in all, the more people came still all standing outside watching the sky behind the building. Then the wind started to blow and we all jumped inside the building and shut the door just as the power went off. So we stood in the dark for about 5 minutes before opening the door to see what had happen. Thankfully the RV section of the park was untouched. The tornado did however touch down less than 300 yards from the building where we had taken shelter. All of the pictures were taken within walking distance of our campsite. I think the car that is turned upside down on I-20 had been parked in the parking lot of the bank; the tornado picked it up and threw it down on the road. In a residential area nearby several homes were completely destroyed. The trailer that was turned on its side was one of the smaller permanent residences in the mobile home park. We were without power for several hours and both directions of I-20 were closed to traffic for most of the day while the vehicles were removed. This is one experience in our travels that I hope to never to have again.

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