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We spent a couple of days in Casper, enjoying the ability to get to a "real" grocery store and find a Walgreen's to refill a couple of prescriptions. We finally got some real rain - a "gully-washer" one night and enough wind the next day (although no rain) that we decided to stow the satellite dish. Nothing like having a ¾ meter sail on top of your rig in a high windstorm. It's supposed to withstand up to 40 mph but I don't really feel like testing it!

Our park is in the suburb of Bar Nunn, a town apparently built on the former runways of the Casper Airport. The things you find out from Wikipedia.

We noticed a new product (at least new to us - and Margaret is an expert on Diet Coke!) in the store here: Diet Coke "Plus". When I looked to see what it was "plus", it turns out to contain "antioxidants and vitamins". While I love Diet Coke and drink probably too much of it, it never occurred to me to look to it to meet my nutritional needs. And somehow I don't think I will in the future. It's a sad commentary on the state of our (collective) diet that the food companies are finding such a market for added vitamins, etc. Lipstick on a pig, I think.

Interesting conversations with neighboring RVers in various parks. We all seem to focus on things that have gone wrong. I think we're secretly thanking our stars that the other guy seems to have it worse than we do, but it also serves to make us nervous, especially when someone begins talking to you about tire blow-outs just as you're packing up to go back on the road.

No pictures from Casper - nothing much worth photographing!

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