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Tuesday, the 19th, son John helped us hook up the utility trailer to the RV, and we made the long trek up to Bucksport - holding our breath most of the way, The trailer was loaded to the gills with things like Richard's John Deere, my little piano, boxes of tools and books, etc. - a lot of stuff for 2 little trailer wheels! I followed in the car to watch for mishaps - expecting the trailer's axle to break at any minute. The trip took about 8 hours - longer than it should, but we stopped every hour or so to let the little trailer tires cool off.

We were very glad to get here! The little house looked good, although it's hard to see it with all the overgrown brush and long grasses. During the drive up, the people who put in the water treatment equipment called to say the pump wasn't working, so that was our first order of business yesterday morning - to find and call someone to come out and fix the pump. Mr. Higgins, of Higgins Pumps, came right out, and we were back in business after about 4 or 5 hours of work and a new pump! Also had the carpets in 3 of the rooms cleaned - glad to get that done while they're empty. The surveyor came - he's still working on getting the survey done. Richard spent time helping the pump guy, and then spent the afternoon helping the surveyor way out in the woods. Both he and Girly were exchausted last night! Today we unload the trailer so we can start using it for other things (like getting some furniture and a washer and dryer). We're still living in the RV until we get the house livable. It's nice not to have to sleep on the floor :)

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