Jerry checking out Rainbow Lake...

The lake is loaded with ducks and geese...

Still looking in my bird books for the one on the right..

Side view...

Another view of the lake...

One more view of the ???? duck..

This goose was cool, he will eat out of your hand...

I have never seen so many at one time..:-)

This lady feeds them daily...:-)

When they saw her more came in from the lake..


Some eat right from her hand...



Jerry asking them for more lake info for the area and wildlife...





Last one!!

We have been checking out some of the lakes in the area, Jerry is about to buy his fishing license. Today we visited Rainbow Lake, we were totally surprised to see hundreds of ducks and geese in the lake. I have never seen so many of them together at one time.

We met a local couple and found out why, they visit the lake daily with cracked corn to feed them. :-) She has them eating out of her hands. She also gave me a bag of corn and I got to feed them too. The lake is a great place for fishing and boat rentals. We are going to wait until my sister (Betty) joins us and rent a pontoon to go fishing in the lake.

I am still looking in my books trying to identify some of the ducks and geese we saw. It was a very nice surprise, I am sure this is going to be one of our favorite places to fish and bird watch.

When we got home I did a bit of research about the lake. Mormon settlers created Rainbow Lake in 1903 by damming Walnut Creek which spawned the town of Lakeside, Arizona. The land surrounding the lake is privately owned limiting public access to a small parcel of land next to the dam. The lake is open to the public at that spot.

The elevation of the lake is about 6,760 feet creating great, cool refreshing weather during the spring, summer and early fall. The water surface of Rainbow Lake is about 116 acres with an average depth of 7 feet and a maximum depth of 14 feet.

Fish species include Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, Green Sunfish and illegally introduced Northern Pike. Catchable size rainbow trout are stocked in the spring and early summer. Jerry can hardly wait to start fishing. :-) Check back later for more from Arizona.

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