Nellis FamCamp site

Nellis FamCamp Site at sunset

enactors preparing the cannon for firing.

Nov 11th

The storm you guys in Reno experienced the day we left, followed us all the way to Tonopah, then it froze our water hose that night. We rolled into Nellis AFB, FamCamp about 3:00 p.m. on Sunday the 12th , for an 8 day stay. On the 20th we'll be moving about 5 miles down the road to Thousand Trails Las Vegas Resort for the next 3 weeks of our Las Vegas stint. Somewhere in that time we will have seen our son and daughter-in-law, Keith and Angelique and their kids several times. Maybe if, I'm a really good grampa they'll throw a Thanksgiving turkey leg my way!

You'll see the pics of our wonderful and spacious slot on the NELLIS FamCamp. A very nice place, too bad we couldn't have spent more time here

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