Ginny's Adventures 2018 travel blog

memorial to Terry Fox

3339 miles in 128 days

Do you see a giant sleeping?

downtown Thunder Bay

amethyst is big here

nice campsite, level and private and big!

only moose I saw!

Kakabecka Falls

big cliffs downstream of falls - eagle was here

Since this was only a 3 hour trip and I am not supposed to get to the next campground until after 2 PM, I left rainbow Falls at 11 AM. The weather wasn’t great – the fog kept me from seeing very far ahead of me, so I didn’t see the Lake or scenery for a bit. My first surprise was coming upon a Flying J rest area! I got gas for both the RV and the car at $1.489 per liter, and because I didn’t need so much, the total was $207. Ha!

After a quick bite to eat, I kept going and stopped next at the Thunder Bay Visitor Center and rest area – these are few and far between! I read the story of Terrence Fox, who was a 22-year old with cancer that caused him to lose a leg. He decided to run across Canada to raise money to fight cancer. He started in St. John’s in Newfoundland, where the Trans-Canada Highway starts, and ran about 26 miles a day with a prosthetic leg in 1980. He made it to this point near Thunder Bay when the cancer came back and made him stop running after 3,339 miles! He died in 1981.

I actually bypassed the city of Thunder Bay to get to the campground at Kakabeka Falls. Once I got situated, I went back to the entrance and looked at the waterfalls. Wow! And I didn’t have to walk down 181 steps to see it! I read about the importance of this river with the Ojibwa people, with fur traders, and even loggers! There was a nice trail that is good for wheel chairs and gives a very nice view of the falls. While standing there, talking to Mom on the phone, a mature bald eagle flew by. Another day ending well!

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