2017 Western Spring Fling travel blog

Field of dried daffodil flowers

The fields were not blooming, but many yards were

Ornamental tree nurseries provided some color

Not sure what was in this field, but it added bright colors...

Liquid manure spreader

Tower in the fields

Some purple blooms

White spike flower



View across the fields of the Valley

Skagit Valley Pano


Tesoro refinery lit up by the setting sun

Motorhome row along Hidalgo Bay at sunset

Finally a colorful sunset over Fidalgo Bay

Reflections in the bay

Fishing net silhouette

I took the Fit to the Honda dealer in nearby Burlington, WA to have the battery and charging system checked out again. After about an hour wait, they told me the battery was bad and needed to be replaced. A different story than Bagottt's in Palouse,but I'm hoping that replacing it cures the problem. We'll see.

We made reservations to stay in the area in hopes of seeing some of the famous tulip and daffodil fields that bloom in the Skagit Valley in the spring. Even though the blooms were later than normal this year, the Tulip Festival web site indicated that all of the plants had bloomed. After the bloom is complete, they top the plants to reduce the risk of disease in the decaying flowers. After the Honda dealer, I drove around the Skagit Valley area in hopes of finding some late bloomers. I didn't find any tulips or daffodils, but there were isolated patches of other flowers still in bloom. They apparently don't need to top the daffodil plants because there were large fields with dried flowers that appeared to be daffodils.

As I drove around the weather began to look like it was going to finally clear and we were going to get some sunshine. By evening the sky had pretty much cleared except for a few clouds and we had a colorful sunset for a change. There were even stars out when it got dark. I'm hoping the weather stays at least partly cloudy and warms up. Stay tuned.

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