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Very early this morning I was awakened by a chirping sound. At first, I couldn’t tell exactly where it was coming from but found that it was the smoke detector outside the laundry room. There was nothing I could do right then so I went back to bed and tried to endure it. Later, I called Barry, Wes’ friend who has often checked on the house when Wes was away. Barry and his son came over this afternoon and changed that battery, as well as the one in the hallway. What a relief!

This morning I accidentally left my little USB-powered mini fan on the treadmill. I realized it after I had left the gym so I called to see whether anyone had turned it in. None had. The young lady who answered the phone even went to check all the treadmills to see whether the fan was still there. It wasn’t. I was very disappointed. I’m debating whether to buy a new one or not.

One bright spot in all this is that the charger that came with the fan will work with my Sony camera. I assume that the Sony charger has stopped working because it keeps giving me an error message. It had worked just fine the last time I used it.

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