2016 Summer Retreat - Evading the heat? travel blog

At the campground

Captain Rod of The Colonial Tour Trolley

Leaving the trolley after the St. Simons tour

The Lady Jane

Waiting to leave on the trawling trip

Recovering the trawl

Getting to drop the catch on the sorting table

Bounty of the bay

Gulls waiting for a treat

Low Country Boil

Some of the creatures in the catch

Sue with the bonnethead shark

Sue vacuuming the Fit before a much needed wash

Really dirty

Waiting to get into the Georgia Sea Turtle Center

A spider in its web hanging in the trees

Small sea turtle

Treating a "patient" in the hospital

Puffer fish

Sue trying on some new duds

Litter sea turtle

Group of students and volunteers working on a tortoise study

Notching a tortoise shell to be able to ID it later in...

Tiny turtle

Turtle pools in the recovery center

Sue shopping for gifts for the grandkids

Cast of a giant pre-historic turtle

He pulls a wagon for tours on the Jekyll Island Historic District

View from the deck of the Lady Jane

Rods and reels waiting to go

Getting instructions from the captain

Tree full of egrets and herons

Pelican warning about dangerous reef

First catch of the day was a small stingray

Waiting for a bite

Our catch on ice with the frozen bait

A car carrier leaving the Port of Brunswick

Ducks, herons, and egrets in the marsh

Egret getting ready to land

Just after taking off

Dolphin tour boat

Captain Troup backing away from the dock

Kayakers fishing

Going under the Sydney Lanier Bridge

Liberty ship launching ways - some 99 were built here in WWII

Pilings from an old pier seen along Fancy Bluff Creek

Emerald Princess Casino ship

Heading back under the Lanier Bridge

Coast Guard boat waiting for action

Sydney Lanier Bridge peeking above the salt marsh grass

We did see dolphins

Another pair

Thought this was a cowbird, but the beak is too long -...

A fun week comes to an end when all of the Escapees hitch up and leave Jekyll Island for all points on the compass. With the exception of the Trolley tour of St. Simons Island on Monday morning and the visit to the Georgia Sea Turtle Rescue Center on Tuesday morning, we spent most of our time exploring the tidal creeks and bays inland of Jekyll Island. We went trawling aboard the shrimp boat, Lady Jane, and learned what inhabits the waters of the Golden Isles of Georgia by sorting through what we caught in the 20 ft. experimental trawl. This wasn't the first time at this activity for me. As a young fisheries biologist right out of graduate school, I hauled a lot of trawls this size in by hand. This trip we the job was much easier with the aid of a winch and davits to lift the net to empty it. Big Georgia white shrimp, butterfly rays, southern kingfish, a lookdown, a tonguefish, hogchoker, a few squid, some jelly fish and even a small bonnethead shark were dumped on the sorting table for everyone to examine and pick up if they wanted. I was surprised Sue picked up the shark. After sorting through the catch, we were treated to a Low Country Boil (shrimp, andouille sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob) for dinner. On Wednesday morning, half of the group, me included, went back out on the Lady Jane to try our luck at bottom fishing. Fishing was a little slow, but the second place we tried, I caught 4 average size southern kingfish (whiting). Other than a small stingray, it was pretty slim picking for the 10 or 12 fishermen on board. Today, we went on a dolphin tour. We didn't see any until just before we started to head back to the dock. We ran across a pod of 4 or 5 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins fishing in the shallows of one of the tidal creeks. We followed them around a while before heading home.

This was our second HOP. They are a lot of fun and are a good way to meet people from all over the country with similar interests in the RV lifestyle. We're hoping to be able to attend the Guns and Ammo HOP in Tuscon next spring after the Escapade in Tucson. We'll be hitching up tomorrow morning and starting to head north. We're hoping to be able to spend a couple of days on the Outer Banks, but the weather next week doesn't look good and with Hurricane Matthew brewing in the Caribbean and expected to head north in 3 or 4 days, the weather forecast is a little unsettled. We don't want another TS Bill experience. Stay tuned.

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