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This morning the brake repair that I had expected to be done didn’t happen after all. The brake calipers that were shipped were not the right ones. I couldn’t wait for the correct parts to be ordered because I had to be back in Austin by this afternoon. The sensor for my jacks had arrived but, due to time constraints, I decided that the jack repairs had to wait. Today was the third time to attempt it. I thought that the third time was charm. Apparently the gremlins are trying for a promotion because they’ve been working double overtime lately. :>)

Thankfully, Crestview refunded my money for the sensor and they didn’t charge me for the diagnostic work. This was a great relief.

I was back in my site at Pecan Grove by 11:30. I was very pleased with the leveling work that John and Karen Enterline had done during my absence. It was much easier to get parked in the site; I didn’t have to jockey my rig trying to get it in straight.

I quickly hooked up to the utilities and then headed straight for CPL to have blood drawn in preparation for my surgery tomorrow. I had to wait about an hour and a half for my turn.

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