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couple of horses working out

grandstand - we'll be behind a glass window in center left of...

I love the gray horses

feeling the silks

orderly jockey dressing room

design on our white t-shirts

sign has it all - chicken, pork, or beef bbq

used to be a WWII bunkhouse

teakwood stables on oceanside of track

cute and well-fed goats, else she's pregnant

all you can eat shrimp

Happy New Year!

wonder what happens in 2 minutes!

just desserts!

our table gave us great views out of the weather!

Jeanne invited me to join her and Laurie for the weekend and spend the day at the racetrack where a friend of hers has worked for years. His name is Houie but he is know as huggy bear - he hugs everyone. We got there by 8 AM and met him shortly thereafter. He got us a t-shirt that they give away if you eat breakfast there, gave us his picks of the day from Lawton's sheet, and also let us see where the jockeys get ready for each race.

We went on a free tram tour to the backstretch after the horses finished working out on the track. There we saw the living quarters of both the employees and the horses. Some were modern and some were old and need some renovation. We learned that horses love their baths, that they have individual personalities, and that they love the company of other animals like dogs and cats and goats!

Jeanne had called in reservations for us to sit at a table in the dining area next to the glass windows near the finish line. We could stay there the entire afternoon and go back to the buffet as much as we wanted throughout the day. It was a bit expensive, but the variety was astonishing. Laurie won the first race of the day. We stayed for 7 races and I won in two of them, making my racing expense of the day only $9. Not bad.

It was a busy weekend, because we went to see American Hustle on Friday afternoon, ate out that night, spent the day at the races today, and went to brunch and a movie (Saving Mr. Banks) on Sunday with Jeanne's ex coworkers. On Sunday evening, Jeanne & Laurie and I went to Randy Groh's new cottage for dinner and to share some pictures from Africa. I combined all my videos into a short movie and showed that, getting a good reception. Randy showed us a very few of his pictures, showing us how he uses his editting software to make his best pictures "pop". Yoi had her pictures on her computer but her computer crashed and so we didn't see hers. Carol made prints of some of her pictures and passed them around. Jeanne showed some pictures, but Laurie didn't because she spent her time making discs of the Maasai welcome songs and dances for each of us. The disc didn't play on Randy's TV but some of it was seen on his Apple computer. I have to remember to view it myself!

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