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Oct 7

It was a drizzly sort of day - a day for museums. First we walked over to the Upper Belevedere Museum which owns the largest collection of Gustav Klimt paintings in the world. All of those painting were on exhibit in this, the 150th anniversary of Kilmt's birth. Klimt is Aunty Lina's favorite artist. Klimt and his brother began as very successful muralists, creating huge works for long interior public places. His brother died young and Klimt continued painting and evolved an elegant, unusual style. The exhibition was arranged chronologically and talked about the influences, both personal and artist, on the artist throughout his life. It was a wonderful show.

Near the tourist centre, is the Hofburg Imperial Palace where Grammar spotted an Ephesus museum when she was on the bus tour (Grammar went to Ephesus in 1970, long before I was stuffed.). Because it was still raining, we decided more museums were the answer. I thought the Ephesus Museum was pretty boring but Grammar was fascinated by the statues and long long friezes. Amazing how much heavy stuff was moved from where it was made to Venna

In the building, I noticed a much more interesting museum: a museum of musical instruments. There were fabulous old instruments some of which had been played by real and very famous people. Sometimes, in the audioguide, we could hear the instruments being played. There were very fancy pianos, showpieces that had been made for international exhibitions or for royalty. The displays went on and on: weird and wonderful blowing instruments, in wood, metal and CLAY; lots of different string instruments - some familiar, some very unusual. I had a great time when Grammar was not looking; I zoomed around and tried playing some of the instruments, the guards thought it was Grammar because they could not see me and they made her leave the museum. It was a lot of fun!

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