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snow shoes

Map of Alaska Highway

Queen of the Yukon

Outside Mural

In front of Mastadon at Beringia Museum

Mom and Dad at USS Klondike


Mom, Dad and I being passengers on USS Klondike

Frantic Follies

Too late to tour the Transportation Museum Long yesterday so came back this morning. Next checked out the USS Klondike paddlewheel boat tour after lunch. It was the last running Sternwheeler from Whitehorse to Dawson Creek. Not running since 1955, but restored for tours. It carried 1st and 2nd class passengers back in the day. Road the trolley along the waterfront past the farmer's market, Walmart and got off at another museum. We optd not to go in as it was pricey, but they had free entertainment/music behind the McBride Museum. It was a good local and hat played a variety of music with inexpensive drinks, hot dogs, hamburgs and very friendly locals. Mom even got a baby fix holding a baby for a yough couple at our table going up for food. About the same age as the new Great Grandaughter she had to leave in Ohio-3 months. Went to the the Rib and Salmon place for dinner (YUMMY) befor heading to the Frantic Follies- a Vaudeville and comedy from the gold rush era. Ran into our friends from the Fantasy RV Cruise again but only talked briefly since they were on the other side of the room. Ready for bed after a day and Dad and I still coughing and did not get good sleep the night before.

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