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The Living Room in Our RV--Lots of Room

Looking Back at the Kitchen and Bedroom

The Salem Pedestrian Mall

The National Park Visitor's Center in Salem, MA

Tim at the Salem Witch Museum

The John Ward House Built Around 1684

A Colonial Classic Home in Salem

See the Wide Front Door!

The House of 7 Gables Visitor's Center

Period Furniture in the House of 7 Gables

The Babies Room

A Baby Bed

Andrea Learns to Make Lace

The Cooking Hearth in the House of 7 Gables

Roger Conant--Founder of Salem

A Local Salem Church--Built on an Old Cemetary

Looking Down a Salem Street to the Harbor

Another Street View

The Salem Harbor

The US Custom's House in Salem

The Schooner Docked at Pickering Wharf--Salem Harbor

Figure Head on a Schooner at the Salem Harbor

Last night we drove over to the Bull Run Tavern--a pre-Revolutionary New England Tavern. The food was excellent and it had the 23 inch wide pine floor boards--yes it was OLD.

Today, we drove over to Salem, MA, today to visit the site of the 1692 Witch Trials. After touring the big city of Boston, Salem was a really pleasant surprise--a small coastal New England town--also very old. Our mapping software got to a really great FREE parking spot for a big truck and we were off to the National Park Visitor's Center. The movie in the Center was very good and gave us a good description of the hardships of life in Salem in the 1600's and 1700's.

The Witch Trials were primarily caused by a few people in Salem be suspicious of their neighbors and accusing them of being witches. The activity centered around a few young girls who had listened to a black slave women tell them stories about mysterious activities that originated in Africa. The girls then began to behave in an odd manner and a local doctor could not diagnose any health problems. Since this was 1692--medical practice was very rudimentary--the Puritan Church elders believed the girls were influenced by witches and decided to find out who were the witches. The result was that 19 people--primarily women were tried, convicted and hanged in Salem for being witches. At this same time in Europe, there was a general scare about witches--with many people being burned at the stake. No one was burned at the stake in Salem, but to many were hanged. About 10 years later, the primary accuser recanted her stories and said she just made them up and asked the church for forgiveness.

Later in our tour, Susan and Andrea visited the house of 7 gables and enjoyed the tours and gardens. Tim got to explore the waterfront and enjoyed seeing all the sailboats.

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