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August 14 – Day 53 –Hudson Quebec to Mount St. Hillaire

K’s 123.64k

Time 6h 18m

Average speed: 19.60k/H

T to d 5651

Long day for us even though it was a reasonably short ride. This was a very complex route that took us through the city of Montreal, across the river to the South shore and then we wound our way partly on bike paths, partly on roads out to Mount St Hillaire. The route before Montreal took us along the St. Lawrence river and was quite nice.

On route we passed by Vanessa’s home and her family had arrange a nice party for the entire group. There was lots of food, coffee and cold drinks and a nice place to relax before continuing on. A ways further we met Jesse’s family in a park and they had some nice treats for us as well. All this sure made this route much nicer.

Jesse is an artist and sculpture. We took a short detour to see his work and wouldn’t you know it we ran right into a very large “gay parade”. Not something I would have knowingly attended but we rode through it and saw the sculpture and then rode on. Some of our group took great pleasure in having some harmless fun at the event. They do worry me a bit though!

The day threatened rain but we arrived in camp dry. The camp site had a real dump earlier in the day and was a bit wet.

It was a long day and we had not seen any others for a long time so we were a bit surprised that we were among the first into camp. Lots of folks had gotten lost and had been caught in the rain so we felt rather lucky. I also had traded Jesse work days as he wanted to spend some time with his family in Montreal so arriving early was a good thing. Jane and Fred had arrived ahead of us and had unloaded the truck and had their tents up. Along with Terri and I we began to get the cooking area organized with the canopies in place as it was threating rain again. Sure enough just as we got things in place the rain came down in buckets. The four of us simply went to work getting dinner organized and started as we could see the nights cooking team would be real late. Jane, Fred and Terri were simply wonderful at helping out when it was not their night on duty and they could easily just have elected to stay dry as some of our lazier members did. The crew did arrive and were very pleased that we had dinner well under way and they took over. Even Jesse arrived so I turned my duties back to him and would go back to my team tomorrow. Dinner with all those cooks was great by the way. That was probably partly due to the fact that we had only stopped for coffee and MacDonald’s and at an ice cream shop of a sundae and some water on route all day other than the treats in the morning.

The rain looked like it has set in and it would be wet setting up tents so the camp owner allowed any of us that wanted to roll out our air mattresses and sleeping bags on the floor of their “bingo hall” but we had to wait until 9:30 pm for bingo to be over. A bunch of us did and had a rather good sleep in nice dry conditions. Another experience for the books.

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