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Camp Verde, AZ - Krazy K RV Park - site 17

Camp Verde, AZ - Krazy K RV Park - site 17, another...

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 0 - our route - 80 miles

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 1

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 2 - the Saguaro give evidence we...

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 3

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 4

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 5

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 6 - Whoa! That looks like a...

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 7

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 8

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 9

Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ 10 - the Verde Valley

Red Rock Trip 1

Red Rock Trip 2

Red Rock Trip 3

Red Rock Trip 4

Red Rock Trip 5

Red Rock Trip 6

Red Rock Trip 7

Red Rock Trip 8

Red Rock Trip 9 - the Chapel of the Holy Cross

Red Rock Trip 10

Red Rock Trip 11 - tree growing in a rock

Red Rock Trip 12 - a lttle money thrown on the rocks...

Red Rock Trip 13 - a very nice place just down the...

Red Rock Trip 14

Red Rock Trip 15

Red Rock Trip 16

Red Rock Trip 17

Red Rock Trip 18

Red Rock Trip 19

Red Rock Trip 20

Red Rock Trip 21

Red Rock Trip 22

Red Rock Trip 23 - hummingbirds at Red Rock State Park

Red Rock Trip 24 - the creek running along Smoke Trail

Red Rock Trip 25 - Smoke Trail

Red Rock Trip 26 - from the vistor center

Red Rock Trip 27 - the road to the ruins - Libby...

Red Rock Trip 28

Red Rock Trip 29

Red Rock Trip 30

Red Rock Trip 31

Red Rock Trip 32 - petroglyphs at the Palatki site

Red Rock Trip 33

Red Rock Trip 34

Red Rock Trip 35

Red Rock Trip 36

Red Rock Trip 37

Red Rock Trip 38

Red Rock Trip 39 - the ruins at the Palatki site

Red Rock Trip 40

Red Rock Trip 41 - the ruins at the Honanki site

Red Rock Trip 42

Red Rock Trip 43

Red Rock Trip 44

Red Rock Trip 45

Red Rock Trip 46 - petroglyphs at the Honanki site

Red Rock Trip 47

Red Rock Trip 48 - Libby said she liked the Red Rocks...

Red Rock Trip 49

Red Rock Trip 50

Red Rock Trip 51

Red Rock Trip 52 - Sedona

Red Rock Trip 53

Red Rock Trip 54

Red Rock Trip 55

Red Rock Trip 56 - the Navajo vendors at a scenic viewpoint

Montezuma Castle 1

Montezuma Castle 2

Montezuma Castle 3

Montezuma Castle 4

Montezuma Castle 5

Montezuma Castle 6

Montezuma Castle 7

Montezuma Castle 8

Montezuma Castle 9

Montezuma Castle 10

Montezuma Castle 11 - Beaver Creek near the castle

Montezuma Well 1

Montezuma Well 2

Montezuma Well 3

Montezuma Well 4

Montezuma Well 5 - the largest home built on the cliff walls...

Montezuma Well 6

Montezuma Well 7 - another home

Montezuma Well 8 - and another

Montezuma Well 9

Montezuma Well 10

Montezuma Well 11

Montezuma Well 12 - the beginning of the canal

Montezuma Well 13 - the canal leading away from the well

Montezuma Well 14 - more of the canal

Montezuma Well 15

Tuzigoot 1

Tuzigoot 2

Tuzigoot 3

Tuzigoot 4

Tuzigoot 5

Tuzigoot 6

Tuzigoot 7

Tuzigoot 8

Tuzigoot 9

Tuzigoot 10

Tuzigoot 11

Tuzigoot 12 - the six original rooms

Tuzigoot 13

Tuzigoot 14

Tuzigoot 15

Tuzigoot 16

Tuzigoot 17 - view of Jerome from Tuzigoot

Tuzigoot 18 - implements of the Sinagua at Tuzigoot

Tuzigoot 19 - the visitor center has used the same building architecture

Jerome 1 - the road up

Jerome 2 - the valley below

Jerome 3

Jerome 4 - little shops, bars and cafes abound - very touristy

Out of Africa 1 - Bearded Dragon

Out of Africa 2 - Doris and friend

Out of Africa 3

Out of Africa 4

Out of Africa 5

Out of Africa 6

Out of Africa 7

Out of Africa 8

Out of Africa 9

Out of Africa 10

Out of Africa 11

Out of Africa 12

Out of Africa 13

Out of Africa 14

Out of Africa 15

Out of Africa 16

It was a quick 80 mile drive to Camp Verde from Phoenix along I-17. We did climb a few grades and then come down a few and the Mothership handled them beautifully. The scenery changed as we left the Sonoran Desert and went over the mountain range and down to the Verde Valley. We are still in desert but there is a lot more greenery. The elevation is about 2,000 feet higher here than in Phoenix. The high temperatures while we are here are forecast to be in the low 90s with the lows in the mid 40s - quite a range of temps. We are staying at the Krazy K RV Park which is a very nice, small park with 50 amp full hookups, good WiFi and Verizon. We also have a clear shot to the satellite.

Friday we did the Red Rock country. First to Sedona to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is built into the side of the mountain. Then to Red Rock State Park where we viewed a great video on the Sedona area, watched some hummingbirds for awhile and walked a short trail alongside a flowing creek. Next we headed back deep in the hills on gravel roads to see the ruins and petroglyphs at Palatki and Honanki Heritage sites where we walked a couple more miles accessing the sites. The roads were not as bad as Big Bend but did require going 5-10 mph at times to avoid damage to the suspension. We then drove back through Sedona and on up the Oak Creek Canyon scenic drive to the South side of Flagstaff. The drive was beautiful but hard to take pictures at the bottom of a canyon doing 40-50 mph!

Saturday, Mickey and Lonnie came up and we toured the ancient Sinagua ruins of Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well and Tuzigoot National Monuments as well as a visit to Jerome, AZ, an old copper mining town turned tourist trap. Besides touring it was a chance to see Lonnie and Mickey again before we leave the area so it was a double whammy for us. Many pictures are included.

Monday we went to Out of Africa. It was windy and very cool but we still had a great time. The park has some very nice specimens and the Tiger Splash was fun to watch. These are untrained tigers they just try to get to play with them and the blow-up toys they use.

Tuesday we just stayed around the Mothership doing a little cleanup and trying to get some of the rest of the trip planned. Tomorrow we head for four nights at the Grand Canyon South Rim.

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