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Short walk to bus sta. by market-just as it's lvg for Guatemala City...arr 11am and helpful fellow on bus + driver drop us at bus stop for bus #34 which goes to zone 4 where we look for places to stay. But as luck would have it, the city bus is standing room only, the driver forgets to tell us where we said we wanted off and Bon realizes we are "near" so we get off. Discover we've passed the spot and walk back 8-10 blocks looking for one of 3 hotels. Wandering around, Bon standing in the shade on a corner looking at LP, lady passing stops and asks in English if she can help. Long story short...we were standing across from what used to be Hotel Felix, now closed (bldg for sale), she (Sandra) and her brother (Julio) used to run it but rent went too high so moved 10 mos. ago (thus LP has wrong address). What a coincidence/serendipidy! Ended up just 2 blocks from here to Hotel Harreri Felix, their new location/name...100q for dbl, priv bath, TV, hot H20, in an old colonial w/ pressed tin ceilings & wide wood staircase, big rooms!

Went to Museum on bus 83 (airport bus) and arr right at 1:30 just as it opened (see pics). Two hours later left and back in market near hotel. We marvel once again at 10 blocks +, both sides, filled with small sidewalk booths selling 90% Chinese stuff-tons of shoes (best price $3US/pr), CDS/DVDs for $1 US, clothes of every type: T-shirts, socks,pants,kids stuff/toys, watches,all kinds of cheap backpacks, bandanas, glasses/corrective&dark, electronic accessories incl cell phones...at least 6-8 booths selling all the same stuff block after block! These all on the street in front of the normal store fronts selling much of same stuff, esp clothes & shoes. Tons of people, blasting music and TVs every other booth showing either music videos, movies, or soccer game...4-6 people standing/sitting & watching usually the soccer. Add to this the cars on the same narrow street crawling along and the scene is organized chaos. Of course, there are the street food stands mixed in as well as fast food places (the local ones & McDs/BK) and more formal, expensive restaurants usually connected w/ an upscale hotel! Warned not to take any valuables, took no pics of this but we have seen the same every 3rd world big city time and again. Commerce at full tilt and progressively more and more alike w/ cheap Chinese stuff galore!

We eat salad at McDs - trustworthy and usually only veggie-only choice w/o much searching.

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