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Dobongsan Temple, Bukhansan National Park

Dobongsan Temple

Gobongo (good name!) Temple, Bukhansan

Korean rollercoaster mountain ridge, Bukhansan

Bukhansan peak

Peak and trees

Korean climbers, Bukhansan

Cheonchanga Temple, Bukhansan

Lanterns at Cheonchanga Temple

Musicians in Seoul Incheon Airport

I spent most of the day in Bukhansan National Park, the north end this time, 17 stops on a direct subway line from me, followed by a walk of about 200 metres to the park entrance at the base of the mountains. This 200 metres was entirely lined with outdoor shops (many tempting bargains, but I have too much stuff to carry already!) and food stalls for hikers, and even at 8.30 there were an awful lot of us. I took the opportnuity to stock up on slices of roast pig and fish in batter, the latter not too well cooked, and probably my undoing.

I planned my route to take in as many temples as possible and several peaks, I seemed to have got over what hard work Korean peaks and ridges can be, with their constant steep ups and downs over the rocky outcrops. The peaks were great - and looked fabulous and slightly other-worldly despite the slight fog - but in the end the peaks and ridges were so crowded that I changed my route and came down from the tops to where it was a bit quieter lower down. All in all a really lovely days walking in a really nice National Park. If London had the equivalent of Snowdonia on the central line like Seoul does, I would still be living there now. And tomorrow to Taiwan, a new country!

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