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Bays on the way to Peggy's Cove


Fantastic rock formations

Peggy's Cove from a distance

Peggy's Cove


I loved the small village of Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove lighthouse

Waves just crash against the rocks

Coastline at Peggy's Cove




Magnificent Waves




Well we have had a pretty eventful time since coming to Hubbards. We arrived on Thursday and set everything up and just took it easy as we usually do the first day. But on Friday we headed out early because we wanted to go and see Peggy’s Cove. Well it was about 10:00 am and we were just about 10 minutes up the highway when a deer shot out from the side of the road and hit the front fender of our truck. We stopped immediately and couldn’t believe the damage done. Brian ran across the street but the poor little deer was dead we felt so bad.

The front fender was pushed up against the tire, front grill was cracked and our headlight was broken. We were so blessed that two young fellows Bradley Snow and Colin Pugh pulled over in a truck to check and make sure we were okay they had seen what happened and said there would have been no way to stop which made me feel a little better. But what were we going to do about the front fender, luckily they had a wrench and they hooked it onto the fender and pulled it out enough that we were able to drive the truck. Bradley & Colin were fantastic we couldn’t thank them enough they made sure we were okay and pointed us into Halifax to find a repair place. It ended up after talking to them for a little while we found out they were Coast Guards and again we just want to extend our appreciation and thank you to them again.

So needless to say I was pretty shaken up so Brian said let’s still go to Peggy’s Cove then we will phone ICBC our insurance company and take it to an auto body shop. But it just wasn’t our day we got to Peggy’s Cove and it was so foggy you couldn’t see a thing so we just headed out to find a Ford dealer. We finally found one in Halifax contacted ICBC and we discover Monday is a holiday so we can’t get the parts in until Thursday. ICBC said that they will have private adjuster call us and get an appraisal but lucky for us the dealership where we are getting our truck fixed has dealt with this adjuster before so we are praying they isn’t any problems. We hope to have the truck in on Friday but what that means is we have missed going to Yarmouth so we will stay for an extra five days here in Hubbards which we don’t mind at all.

Saturday we went shopping for groceries and came back to spend the rest of the day on the beach. We had a really nice campfire with the two couples next to us they are from this area and enjoy coming here the odd weekend. The water was still cold but Brian doesn’t seem to mind it I go in just when I get too hot but I really enjoy sitting down at the beach we see lots of sailboats and it’s fun watching the kids run in and out of the water. The waves are a fair size here and we love listening to the sound of it roll up on the beach.

This morning we got up and went to a tiny church here in Hubbards and from there we headed up to Peggy’s Cove again. It was fantastic the waves weren’t really large today but the scenery was beautiful. We climbed all over the rocks me clinging to Brian making sure I didn’t fall (I can be such a chicken at times). It was fun seeing all the various ways that waves would come in depending on which area of the rocks you were standing at. There were lots of people there I almost feel sorry for the 50 or so residents that live right in Peggy’s Cove they must get tired of all the traffic.

We decided to have lunch at the little restaurant at Peggy’s Cove it was good but very expensive for what you got though. We slowly worked our ways back to our campground going all along the coastline seeing all the different harbours and fishing boats it is absolutely beautiful and so tranquil here.

We got back to the campground and we had new neighbours who immediately came and visited us they are a nice young couple. He has been in the navy for 24 years and will retire next year, he told us that he has been to Afganistan and numerous other places for the navy. They were very nice and we spent quite a bit of time with them. They have about nine family members visiting them here so tonight we are going over to their place for a fire and drinks.

We are just getting some dinner ready and going to sit down and eat so I will go for now and update you as we go along.

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