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Beautiful WindCreek Casino

Located in Mississippi run by the Creek Indians

Entering Mobile area & bridges/waterways

Bridges/waterways everywhere

Crossing Lake Pontchartrain


?Sugar cane field?

Here we are on Lake Laplourde

Yeah! We have arrived at our destination with plenty of sightseeing time to spare! By the time we reached out site, we were overjoyed with the gorgeous water view. Lake Palourde is a natural lake spreading as far as our eyes can see. Also, the fish jump a good two feet out of the water-and not just occasionally!

Corky deserves a round of applause for negotiating the interstate system around and through New Orleans during rush hour. When your total length is about 45 feet, that is no easy task. Interesting first impressions: 1. The road systems entail MANY bridges with roads built above the water level. 2. There appears to still be much unrepaired Katrina damage in what seems to be lower income areas.

Here's the plan: tour Morgan City today; it has an historical history and known as the shrimp & petroleum capitol of the world. New Orleans-Wednesday. road foodfbookbood lists the very places we want to eat. Thurs unknown. Friday return to New Orleans. Our friends Scott, Kim, & Grant will fly in for the week-end boat race.

Please return frequently as there will be soooo much to report. In the meantime, you can count on us eating shrimp! BTW, east coast Virginia, this is also known as the blue crab capitol of the world! Hopefully, I'll have more details with photos next writing.

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